Baby skin is thinner and less oily than adult skin. Since the skin’s protective layer has not yet developed, it is vulnerable to external factors. To protect your baby’s skin against external factors, allergies and irritation, using cotton (soaked with pure water) is one of the solutions recommended by physicians. Made of 100% pure cotton, the perfume and dye-free baby cleaning pad is a natural product that helps prevent allergies and irritation on your baby’s skin.


Baby Cleaning Pads Suggestions For Use

  • You can safely clean your baby’s sensitive diaper area and general body with cotton pads by moisten them with water or cleaning lotion.
  • You should be very careful when cleaning baby girls’ diapers. Since the urinary tract is short, there is a risk of getting infected. If you wipe your baby’s diaper in one motion from top to bottom, you will eliminate the risk of infection.