Quality & Environmental Policy

As Salvin, our most important value is high quality. By adopting the principle of high quality, we constantly follow market trends, renew our technology infrastructure and invest in our employees. In order to sustain this goal, we apply quality standards tests to our products before, during or after production with the measurement laboratories we have established.

We work with a Quality Management System based on the principles specified in ISO 9001. In this way, we guarantee to meet the needs of our customers in accordance with international standards.

Thanks to the instant control systems exist in all our production lines, we always offer high quality products by following our production data.

As Salvin, we give great importance to the environment and the nature. We make production without harming the environment by adopting zero waste principle.

Our Aim Is

  • To minimize complaints by meeting customer expectations in terms of service and quality,
  • To increase our performance, quality and service continuously,
  • To produce instant solutions to the problems, eliminate them and produce permanent solutions,
  • To invest in new technologies and increase product diversity by analysing the market needs,
  • To maximize the production efficiency.