MAK-PED make-up cleansing cotton provides gentle and flawless cleansing even for the most sensitive skin with its 100% natural content. Produced by carefully selecting from the best quality cotton, MAK-PED is an indispensable product for your personal cleaning.

Cotton Pads Suggestions For Use

  • You can use it with makeup remover gel, cream and foam products to clean your make-up.
  • You can use them to clean peeling application.
  • You can soak the cotton pads with water and put it in the refrigerator, wait for it to cool, and apply it on your eyes as a cold compress.
  • When your skin becomes oily or your makeup becomes shiny, you can clean your skin with cotton pads.
  • When packing for a trip, you could place a round cotton pad on top of your blush or powder before closing the lid in order to prevent the product from breaking.
  • To remove the refrigerator odor, you can moisten the cotton pads with vanilla oil or milk and leave it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours in an open container.
  • If you spray some perfume you like on a cotton pad and put it in your sport bag, you can make your bag smell nice and fresh.
  • After moistening the cotton pad with your favorite scent, you can put it in a corner of your room or bathroom. The scent will gradually pervade throughout the environment.
  • You can spray your favorite perfume on cotton pads and put it in your car. In a short time, the fresh scent will pervade inside your vehicle.
  • If your shoes are bothering your feet, you can relax by putting make-up cleaning cotton on the problem area.
  • You can gently clean your sensitive items like leather shoes with cotton pads without damaging them.